REALITY DIVES are curated visits to neighborhoods or natural environments that have good practices or very specific resilience challenges, often reflecting global societal and systemic blind spots. The needs expressed by local inhabitants, are always placed at the centre of the visits and the intention is to contribute to solutions for these.

Portugal’s thriving Tourism sector is hugely important for the country’s prosperity and its resilience requires careful observation and curation of the behavior and impacts of visitors.

REALITY DIVES in the context of Tourism focus on the future of Tourism services. This closer look at contexts may result in innovative solutions, always promoting participatory processes to empower local communities and regenerate dignity.  

Before the REALITY DIVE, specific tools are introduced to participants. These tools promote the distinction between

facts and assumptions and introduce different lenses, which encourage a deeper understanding of the systems that are in place.

The objective of REALITY DIVES is to inform and inspire participants so that they may embrace systemic solutions, to connect them with local residents, to together address their challenge, in order to collaborate on potential solutions.

Here are some of the questions driving REALITY DIVES:

  • How may we make space for new resilient, positively interdependent relationships within local communities?
  • How may we support neighborhoods to design their own new narrative and find a new purpose and identity?
  • How may we contribute to their prosperity relying on renewable resources?
  • How may future Tourism services support the regeneration of dignity and resilience in challenged neighborhoods?