ORGRAMS are immersive and collaborative programs (with a duration of 6 to 9 days over a span of 4 months) that synergise the system in the context of a specific totally positive future challenge.

We are working with the tourism sector, to address the change in the way we travel to explore the wonders of Planet and cultures and the way we spend our time. The sector seeks to unveil future services, which need to be in place to promote broad societal resilience.

The experience invites transformation:
REBUNDANCE creates safe spaces for the Tourism sector to connect, share, support and nourish the innovation spirit needed for the transformation that will lead to an inclusive and prosperous future for all. The programs build on three important human qualities: curiosity to understand the system,

compassion to connect with the system and courage to act in the system. Participants will learn the following skills and competencies:

Personal Transformation: Tools and experiences contribute to participants learning about leadership of themselves and about building coherence between purpose and impact.

Professional Transformation: Tools and experiences contribute to participants learning about leadership of their teams, tapping into the sector’s resources to collaborate in the solution of relevant challenges.

Meaningful Experiences: ORGRAMS are highly curated experiences that help us to connect with ourselves and other people who are active in our system in a meaningful way – the experiences include moments that are:

Inspiring – embracing the mindset of abundance makes a whole new driving force accessible to us.

Collaborative – engaging with others as peers and relinquish our usual protections and masks, shifting away from competitive mindsets.

Fun – exploring the absurd and ridiculous, tickles the very structure we built our reality on and opens worlds and new possibilities.

Intense – taking the time to explore serious and intimate questions and to journal on them, which creates new spaces for development.

Open – surrendering to curiosity and allowing it to lead our personal journey while we become open to transformation that we had not yet uncovered.

Insightful – somehow the familiar context becomes new – either because we change our perspective or because we can all of a sudden place it in a bigger picture that makes sense.

Bold – going consciously for the most positive future we are able to envision.

Uncomfortable – expanding the boundaries that have held us prisoner and safe, brings discomfort and amazement simultaneously while we explore the fringes, where innovation emerges.

Engaging – connecting stakeholders who, together, have elevated transformational impact potential in the system.

Transformational – daring to take our purpose to heart, dreaming, planning, doing and celebrating as we live our life walking our talk.