15TH OF JULY (18:00 – 20:30) – ONLINE

MOSAIC salon invites you to join its first online gathering!
In order to build a “totally good future” for all, we will be holding space for relevant topics that need transformation.

This MOSAIC salon online gathering will address:

The Future of Transactions is abundant – the generation of radical value.

If all goes well we will introduce a new digital currency to everyone joining and look at how we may contribute to value generation with every act, whether personal, professional or societal!

We will bring you a taste of 2050 and have invited wonderful people to facilitate the breakout rooms (personal and professional mastery as well as sharing “asks” to the community) and as celebration is always in order, we will also have music and a dance room as well as chat rooms where you can mingle with participants.

Tickets are 13€ and can be purchased anytime before the gathering.

To register, please complete the form on the right.

Thank you for joining us!

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A native of Portugal, Joaquim has dedicated his life to Sintropic farming and cultivating seeds in the form of medallions, which can be used to regenerate our planet. Aside from these two activities, he is one of the co-founders of AgroForest, a project that aims to teach local communities in Lisbon how to plant, cultivate and harvest healthy food grown sintropically in their backyard and communal spaces.


Katharina used to advise governments and international organisations on a wide range of topics including Climate change, finance, agriculture, and regenerative economies and is now involved in many wide-ranging projects, one of which involves creating a local food network that combats desertification in Portugal’s Mértola region by encouraging farmers to grow prickly pears and Chestnuts through the use of syntropic farming techniques. The town is now able to meet all of its own vegetable and fruit needs through organic farming and is looking to take their healthy, unadulterated products further a field to Lisbon as well as other destinations.


Franz is a universal citizen with roots between Austria and Guatemala. These contrasting yet complementary perspectives allowed him to question existing cultural paradigms built on scarcity from an early age. Dedication to the fields of innovation and global development has enabled Franz to gather transdisciplinary experience working with international organizations, governments, the private sector, NGOs, and academia. This process allowed him to recognize pervading patterns and embrace a whole-systems approach to development that effectively provides value towards the entirety of the system.


Reiki serves the Regenerative Renaissance and decentralizing abundance. He serves as facilitator and holds various roles at SEEDS (Regenerate Money) and Hypha (Regenerate Organisations), the group that kick-started the SEEDS platform.


From experiencing profound seven day initiation ceremonies with both the Kogi and Pygmy nations, to receiving the Bodhisattva Initiation direct from the Dala Lama …. from Chairing a Global Agenda Council at the WEF in Davos to Chairing a UN Environmental Council … from sitting on the main board of a major multinational company to Co Founding a hotel joint venture with the Universal Music Group, Lawrence has led an interesting life. His passion and total focus is how to create a culture that is economically equitable, socially just and environmentally regenerative.


You can find the playlist Ben created for this MOSAIC Salon Gathering here.


We believe in abundant systems, where we can have our cake and eat it if you are in Lisbon! You will be able to order healing drinks and food directly from our network of food creators – committed to the “Food Manifesto”.

For this first session, we have invited Joana Teixeira and Cristina David to prepare a special menu for MOSAIC Salon which you can order directly with them.

If you are in the central Lisbon area you may like to order your dinner from The Therapist. In this case just use their app.

If you are in the Sintra area you may like to order your dinner from Organics by João sem Medo. In this case call Cristina David on: 912 501611‬ or send her an email.

Orders for Cristina David must be placed the latest on July 14th at 13:00.

All the payments related to food are to be addressed with Joana and Cristina.