As part of REBUNDANCE Embracing Abundance series, in the LIFE dives we can expect that our intellectual, emotional, physical and energy bodies are engaged and invited to expand.

So, you can expect the following:

  • Invitations to embrace Nature as we connect with it to regain a trust and compassion-based relationship with it.
  • Access Nature’s dreams and our ancestor’s visions so these may inform our own vision for a totally good future.
  • High quality, tasty, immunity building, planet friendly food to fuel you.  
  • A special value flow gift to take with you.


We will spend as much of the day as possible outdoors: walking, climbing and surrendering to the beauty of the Sintra mountain and forest.

Kick off is at 9am the parking lot of Peninha (close to the most western point in Europe), we finish our day just after sunset, at Quinta das Sequóias, a beautiful country house on the North slope of the Sintra mountain (also known as the moon mountain).

The LIFE DIVE will be facilitated in English and all activities will take place outdoors (weather permitting).


In order to enhance the possibility of matching your availability with that of our team of facilitators and the locations, we are opening many possible dates to roll out our first LIFE Dive and welcome your registration!

Admission fee is: 300€ (we offer a reduced fee of 250€ for participants who have been in our programs). 

This LIFE DIVE will take place as soon as we have 10 full-fee participants for the same date. Should this experience resonate with you, please register for all the dates that work for you – this makes it easier for us to make the LIFE Dive take place.

Exact number of participants for a session: 10 (In accordance with Covid-19 Safety Rules)


Most of all we ask you to participate in full consciousness of the risks associated with the coronavirus pandemic, therefore to avoid public transport commuting to and from the Life Dive.
We will ensure the following:

  • Rules of hygiene and physical distancing are established / confirmed to start the day (intention setting)
  • A designated Observer is assigned for the day to hold the space of “minimizing the risk of contagion”
  • Weather permitting, we spend all the time outdoors
  • Minimize time indoors (weather permitting) + always wear mask indoors
  • When indoors stay distant from others (1,5m)
  • In the forest (keeping safe distance from others) no need to wear masks (to build immunity)
  • All surfaces that are touched by Participants are regularly with effective bio detergents
  • For voluntary use, strategically placed hand disinfecting stations (equipped with organic effective disinfectant disposer)
  • Encourage regular hand hygiene (bathrooms equipped with organic effective detergent disposer)
  • Bathrooms are cleaned regularly
  • All food and drinks will be contributing to strengthening immunity • Food and snacks (salty and sweet) will be served in individual portions and sealed containers (no buffet)
  • Drinks will be served individually by our team

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