JOURNEYS are short immersive and meaningful experiences (up to 2 days) designed to nourish our community of transformational leaders. These JOURNEYS capacitate us to live fuller, more connected and impactful

positive lives, while serving both Humanity and the Planet. They are a safe space to probe, continuously challenge ourselves and learn.

On our first JOURNEY José Soutelinho introduced the Dragon Dreaming tool in Monserrate Palace. We were invited to explore the fact that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and that collective wisdom is a powerful renewable resource we can learn to release and embrace.

DRAGON DREAMING is a beautiful tool to support the materialization of dreams. We gain insight on how to connect our walk with our talk, allowing our body, our soul and our mind to become part of the same whole.

The process incorporates broad polarities: from playful to serious, from contemplative to celebrative, from focused to holistic… all flow to connect our many voices with our dreams and our will to make these grow into reality.

We all dream! Which dreams do we select to make space for and to care about enough to keep alive? Which dreams are we innocently neglect? Which dreams are we willfully killing? If dreams can be part of a better future, maybe it is worthwhile overcoming behavior patterns that destroy them? Can we learn from the fragments of our failed dreams? Can we build success and life on the shoulders of our dreams?

Can we identify those behaviors that imprison us in our comfort zone or those that encourage us to challenge our fears and recognize our gifts?

Can we learn to welcome those among our collaborators who challenge us, and allow them to help us find our incongruences and edges, so we may improve?

Can we learn to transcend the dictatorship of rationality, in favor of a balance that listens to intuition?

Can we make the most of those resources available to us to make our dreams come true, while dancing with our fears and celebrating each milestone?