We design programs for transformational leaders who share the intention to contribute to a totally positive future. We curate a safe space where co-creation may lead to “the new” that needs to emerge. We provide insight on how to connect our walk with our talk, allowing our body, our soul and our mind to become part of the same individual.

Humbly, we recognise that sometimes it is beauty and magic, which best enable to connect with purpose and with the system we inhabit.

In its complexity, our system, is pregnant with positive possibilities.


ORGRAMS are immersive and collaborative programs (with a duration of 6 to 9 days over a span of 4 months) that synergise the system in the context of a specific totally positive future challenge.

We are working with the tourism sector, to address the change in the way we travel to explore the wonders of Planet and cultures and the way we spend our time. The sector seeks to unveil future services, which need to be in place to promote broad societal resilience.


JOURNEYS are short immersive and meaningful experiences (up to 2 days) designed to nourish our community of transformational leaders. These JOURNEYS capacitate us to live fuller, more connected and impactful positive lives, while serving both Humanity and the Planet. They are a safe space to probe, continuously challenge ourselves and learn.


REALITY DIVES are curated visits to neighborhoods or natural environments that have good practices or very specific resilience challenges, often reflecting global societal and systemic blind spots. The needs expressed by local inhabitants, are always placed at the centre of the visits and the intention is to contribute to solutions for these.


CIRCLES are broad stakeholder meetings happening at regular intervals and addressing a specific challenge. Aiming for immediate action, we facilitate dialogue between multiple perspectives, in order to reach consensual positions. We have currently two active circles: while the first CIRCLE “Manifesto for Food Evolution” addresses the future of food, taking health and planet to heart, the second CIRCLE “Water Square” takes on the future of the Tagus river estuary to become Lisbon’s main public square, connecting all sores.


CRAFTS are tools designed by REBUNDANCE, that serve our open community of transformational leaders. The first CRAFTS tool is the deck of “REBUNDANCE Value Cards”. These are meant to be a trigger to motivate meaningful conversations between sector Stakeholders and to build trust and promote collaboration towards a completely positive future.