Highly motivated professionals who share the purpose to co-create totally positive futures.


created REBUNDANCE and is the Managing Director.  Creative at heart, he is passionate about giving expression to human possibility, always seeking to explore drivers of transformation. He is also the Managing Director of THNK, School of Creative Leadership’s Lisbon location: www.thnk.org/locations/lisbon/.


is lead facilitator in REBUNDANCE Orgrams. She is passionate about innovation, collaboration and the planet, about exploring possibility in the fringes our society forgets and about bringing balance and new opportunities to people’s lives.


is our Leadership Coach in REBUNDANCE. She holds the space for many leaders on their journey to find new balance, is fascinated with uncovering talent and finding the right place for it to grow.  Find out more about her coaching practice: www.dpaconsultoria.pt.


is dedicated to the REBUNDANCE team, holding all the threads and logistics in place, while the team rolls out transformative programs, for very special individuals.


is working in personal mastery and brings personal vulnerability into collective and open spaces and believes that deep listening is key for a transformational and creative space where all voices are heard with no judgement, hierarchies or masks. She is fascinated by the feminine energy as a creative center of empowerment for both, Women and Men. Her project is: www.codigodalma.pt.


is the curator of REBUNDANCE. She is an architect, innovator in sustainable solutions for the built environment and author. In REBUNDANCE she sees the space where sectors may dream, design and build totally positive futures.


is core to our REBUNDANCE team. He invites us to explore our selves, to connect with our purpose, to embrace our fears and to redesign our path, so it is true to our purpose. Find out more about his own transformational project is Despertutor: www.despertutor.pt.


is our Dialogue moments facilitator. He invites us to be present and connect with our true selves, with each other and with the system we serve, and in doing so learn about the self, others and the planet. A fundamental competence for an authentic and ethical leadership, supported by dialogic governance models.


is core to the REBUNDANCE team in various roles, including that of Graphic Designer. She is an architect and has her sustainable fashion brand: www.cleonice.me and her sustainability platform: www.fashioncatalyst.org.


is our gifted Graphic and Web Designer. All communication material as well as our website are tuned and shaped by her. You can find more of her work at: www.ralu.cc.


Our team includes our illustrator Anita Tirone and the photos on this site are by Gonçalo Palha Martins, Inês Almeida, Miguel Cravo and REBUNDANCE.


We would like to thank very special people, who enrich our lives and believe in us along our exciting learning journey:

Three forces of nature and wise ladies, who unconditionally support us to continue to transform towards our purpose, Maria Helena Tirone, Michaela Hueber and Rita Valadas.

To our friends, all of them, a huge thank you also, for holding our space when we fail fascinatingly and for supporting our learnings and helping us to solve what at first seemed unsolvable.

Also we would like to thank the creative entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, weavers and innovators, who try and fail and relentlessly reiterate their contribution to the planet (often placing their ego second): Ana Moreira, Ana Salcedo Saldanha, Artur Mendes, Bernardo Gaeiras, Catalina and Natalia Zuleta, Charles Michel, Cláudia Sequeira, Constança Belchior, Constança Morais, Edgar Kampers, Gonçalo Folgado, Inês and Madalena Proença, João Almeida, João Henriques, Maaike Perenboom, Marloes Fischer, Miguel Reynolds Brandão, Nick Gerritsen, Nina Gruntkowski, Nina Nedelykov Moreira, Noam

Ilovich, Pedro Campos Costa, Shanah Trevenna, Simon Berkler, Siri Warren, Vítor Vieira, and many more whom we haven’t even met yet and whose work inspires us to transform!

A super thank you to wise and greatly motivated individuals, thought leaders who inspire us in our journey and to whom we owe our learning: Alexandra Coimbra, António Vasconcelos, Bas Verhart, Clive van Heerden, Christian Bason, Christian Opitz, Eiji Han Shimitsu, Eugénio Sequeira, Helena Farrall, Jochen Scheerer, Karim Benammar, Karl Henrik Robèrt, Kenneth Mikkelsen, Klas Tham, Laura Korculanin, Lia Vasconcelos, Marco de Abreu, Mário Alves, Martin Ciesielski, Noam Gressel, Prisca Weems, Rajiv Ball, Sonia Marques, Timothy Beatley, all of whom have had a positive impact in our lives.

A special thank you for recognising our potential contribution and for empowering us to act, to: Bernard Fouconnier, Duarte Cordeiro, Femke Bartels, Fernando Leite, Graça Fonseca, João Falcato, Luís Araújo, Menno van Dijk, Paulo Pisano, Pedro Santana Lopes, Rui Franco, Stefano Marzano, Susanne Scheerer, and more!