I watched the documentary “What the Health” before I went to bed – it paints such a hopeless picture of our system – rigged with short sighted intentions and locking us into a vicious circle of bad food and drug dependency to make up for the bad food! How could anyone have designed such a system in a conscious state? Building a society on such a reality with intention?

I am triggered! We need to leap forward it has to be a lot easier to find a good future!!

I know I should eat something before I go to sleep… but my disgust keeps me from it, so I go to sleep and have a hungry dream:

I wake up in 2050:

I open my eyes and, although I am surprised by my sentient home, I know exactly what to do! I realize that the windows become permeable to light and noise from the outside, when I completed my fifth sleep cycle including it’s REM phase – and this was because the night before I set my intention to wake after 5 cycles. Tomorrow is Sunday, I might go for 6 cycles.

I sit up and my feet touch the floor. Quick check-in: “how do I feel”– my internal nano-bots signal that they are working on the repair of an incident in my gut, I should wait another hour before I eat.  My stomach is rumbling! So hungry! But OK, I can go through my morning rituals slowly! That is also cool!

A quick visit to the primary microbial composter, relieves me of the toxicity gathered overnight and feeds the bacteria who (yes, who, as bacteria were granted the same legal rights as other living and human beings, as they support and carry life and, recently, became a local currency) produce energy for space heating and lighting, as well as nutrients for the vertical farm.

Also I can take my time to check-in what nutrients my body-system needs and what are the super foods I can favor my activities with. Today I am focusing on design work so I will begin on the walking screen, then lying down and later sitting down. Only leaving home for the late afternoon community gathering. No question about the intake of  omega-3 and chlorophyll, of course!

I open the window and step into the veranda to pick breakfast.  7 leaves from the Moringa potted tree, a parsnip and a carrot from my vertical façade farm and a couple of apples from my pot orchard, all for my green morning smoothie … I lean out over the balcony to check if there are façade goats climbing anywhere nearby – a few drops of goat milk make such a lovely complement to my first coffee! Not close enough, though, they are three floors below, enjoying my neighbor’s carrot greens! Bummer!

I give a couple of swirls on the raw outdoor composter lever and check that the plant substrate has enough moisture.

Back inside, I pick a Tuscan cabbage to shred and layer in the probiotic crock and a lettuce for my lunch, from my indoor hydroponic farm. I also check if the façade beehive has any honey leaking into the indoor deposit. The most recent colony of bees housed in my beehive is hyper productive – I have traded honey with neighbors for weeks – especially for goat milk, with the neighbor who gets the façade goats’ attention!

After I wash and peel the plant ingredients I picked, I place them in the juicer jar, lift the front wheel of my single gear bicycle onto the juicer contraption, slot in the mixer jar, hop on and pedal until the juice is smooth. Before I take my first sip, I check in with my internal nano-bots and they signal that I should not take in any nutrients for another 30 min. So I place the smoothie on a shelf in the North storeroom to keep it cool, away from daylight. And as I have a time I go through the shelves to check on my probiotic crocks (lactic acid fermentation for vitamin enriched foods + natural enzymes) for harvest dates – the Tuscan cabbage needs another 2 weeks, the Sauerkraut will be another 3 weeks (still fizzing) and the red cabbage should be ready next week! So I can start another batch of Tuscan cabbage today! And one of the Kombucha jars is ready for decantering into bottles today!

Loud ringtone!!!!! I wake up with such a clear memory of all this! I probably shouldn’t have gone to sleep hungry!

You shouldn’t go shopping hungry, either, right?

I journal, thinking about the dream, making the most of what I have access to!